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Rana Ammari

Rana Ammari is Teaching and Research Assistant at HEC Geneva since 2009 in the Bachelor, Master and MBA Program. She managed Executive MBA Porgramspecialization in the  Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Geneva. Sheis member of scientific committees of Continuing Education Programsin the University of Geneva. Ms Ammari is also collaborating with International Organizations and NGOs such us UNICEF, MSF.Her work focuses on consumer behaviour, communication and marketing strategies. Current projects examin consumer giving behaviour and marketing strategies for Nonprofit Organizations. More details you can find in the attached resume.

BaluFlorentina-Olivia BĂLU

Florentina Olivia BĂLU, PhD Candidate in Business Administration at University of Geneva and PhD in Finance at Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest. Her research agenda focuses on Financial and Banking Risk Management, Capital and Commodities Markets, Financial Policies, and Swiss Commodity Trading Sector. Current projects examine the global financial and commodity crisis and the effects on European and global economy. She is member of International Atlantic of Economic Society and Basel III Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA). Balu’s research has been published in journals like Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research and other noted academic outlets. She is co-author of six books and her researches has been funded by fellowships and grants from institutions like l’Association Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), CNCSIS, CEEX Romania. More details you can find in the attached resume.

 Bonin Hubert
Hubert BONIN

Hubert BONIN, PhD is professor (“classe exceptionnelle“) in modern economic history at Sciences Po Bordeaux and a member of the Gretha research centre at Bordeaux 4-Montesquieu University. He is a specialist of the history of services companies (Suez canal company, colonial and overseas trading houses and their maritime affiliates) and moreover of French banking history (regional banks, or Paris deposit, corporate and investment banks, with several monography books and a few handbooks). He is achieving a large history of French Société générale (from 1864 to the 1940s) in a few volumes (the first published in 2006) and a history of investment banks and of French banks in Asia. As a specialist in business history, he has co-guided the research programs Ford in Europe (1903-2003) and American Firms in Europe (published in 2008), and is taking part to several programs in banking and business history along French, European, or Asian perspectives, especially about investment banking, economic patriotism, entrepreneurship and, within the research program of the International Corporate Culture Association (Icca), European business.
You can find more details about Professor Hubert Bonin, PhD on his personal page.

Christian CORMIER

 Christian CORMIER, PhD is a Senior lecturer in economics at the University of Poitiers. He first took part in a research team focusing on regional economic development, and afterwards he specialised in statistics and economic forecasting. He currently teaches statistics and econometrics at the Faculty of Economics of Poitiers and is in charge of an elective course on “European Integration” at the University of Poitiers.
He was elected Vice-President of the University of Poitiers from 1989 to 1994, where he was in charge of pedagogy and education. Moreover, since 1991, he has been coordinating several European Tempus programmes, particularly with Slovakia, Russia, Western Balkans and Romania; and he coordinates the co-operation between Central and Eastern Europe Universities and the University of Poitiers. From 2007 to 2010, he was elected European President of FEDORA (recently a part of EAIE), association focusing on employability and integration on the labour market of graduates in Europe. He is currently the Chairman of the Financial Committee and a member of the Task Force “European Neighbourhood” of the Coimbra Group of Universities. Since 2002, he is visiting professor at the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” of Iași (Romania), where, in February 2006, he was appointed “Honorary Professor”.
You can find more details about Professor Christian Cormier, PhD on his personal page.

 PortraitNoëlle DUPORT Noëlle DUPORT, PhD is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economy of the University of Poitiers since 1998 and a researcher in the laboratory CRIEF (Centre for Research in Economic and Financial Integration, EA2249). Her work focuses on issues of banking stability and financial macroeconomics. Professor Duport assures courses mainly in micro-economy, banking economy, insurance economy and financial mathematics. Also, she is the Director of the Master “Financial Markets” of the Faculty of Economics. Furthermore, she is in charge of lectures at IEP Paris (Sciences Po), at the University of Limoges and at IRIAF (Niort).More details about Noëlle DUPORT you can find in attached resume.
Ing. Tomas HERYAN, PhD first graduated from the Faculty of Business at the Silesian University in Opava, BA program in Hotels, gastronomy and tourism. MA program in Karviná he graduated in Banking. Doctoral studies he worked at the Department of Finance SU OPF, then. He graduated in January 2013. His doctoral thesis has focused on the analysis of the credit market.
He is teacher in subjects Financial MarketsInvestment instruments and Strategies, and he leads also seminars in subjects Corporate FinanceFinancial AnalysisMoney and Capital MarketsMoney, and acts as an external lecturer in Financial Management (external teacher SU PFP Opava).
More details about Ing. Tomas Heryan, PhD you can find in attached resume or on his personal page.
 StanimirStanimir KABAIVANOV Stanimir KABAIVANOV, PhD, works at the Faculty of Economic and Social science at Plovdiv University. His research interests are in financeartificial intelligence and application of computational methods in social sciences. He is also active software developer and interested in application of software tools for studying economic and social problems.More details about Stanimir KABAIVANOV you can find in attached resume or on his personal page.
 Marek Marek LENČ Mgr. et Bc. Marek LENČ, PhD currently works as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Department of International Relations and Diplomacy at the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, where he as a PhD. candidate conducted a research on the issue of geopolitical role of Germany and its post 1990´s foreign policy. During his studies he completed several internships as well research stays in Jena and Berlin, Germany and he also holds a law degree from the Comenius University in Bratislava. He is giving courses on Political Geography and Foreign policy of the Slovak republic and his further research interests include CFSP of EU and political and economic impacts of the current crisis in Europe.
More details about Mgr. et Bc. Marek Lenč, PhD you can find in attached resume.

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