Project coordinator

Project ManagerDC


Well known at UAIC and abroad for being:
1) an experienced project manager and a visionary who has the gift of motivating his teammates to move an initial idea to a successful venture. He was member on the board of several Conferences with many major European economics topics.
2) a dedicated and personalized strategist towards education. Having analyzed the needs and peculiarities of the students, he develops innovative and incentive pedagogical strategies which motivate and inspire students. He teaches Banking, Currency and European related subjects.
3) a reliable, responsible and productive partner in high quality research. His research activities have been disseminated in several books and in over 60 articles which assesses different aspects of the European integration process, published in high rated journals.

Assistant ManagerDragos

Dragoş-Gabriel TURLIUC, PhD Student

Dragoş-Gabriel TURLIUC brings to the program the following assets: 1) a rich level of experience in event planning (such as conferences) and project management, gained while working as a volunteer in different projects undertaken by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași.
2) a modern, hands-on approach to teaching and studying, risen from his didactic activities carried out within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration where he holds seminars of the Money and credit discipline.
3) a pragmatic, concise approach on research backed by a solid empirical analysis over domains such as Banks and Finance, gained through self-study and attendance to various seminars and training sessions, ensuring relevant and valuable results of the research undertaken.

Assistant ManagerStas

Stanislav PERCIC, PhD Student

Stanislav PERCIC possesses valuable skills like:
1) a multicultural and innovative teaching and learning experience gained through his didactic activities at the faculty where he holds seminars on subjects like Money and Credit or Banking Economics;
2) a fresh perspective and an empirical arsenal of tools for high qualitative and innovative research (in European and Banking related subjects) gained through intensive self-study and seminars (home and in Central and Eastern Europe) as well as an internship (in a Spanish Company) and reflected in over 10 scientific papers and presentations held and published in high academic circles;
3) a professional and active member in project management gained through his experience as organizer for several national and international conferences and academic events (in European, Economics and Banking related areas) or as mentor for students who what to develop and implement personal projects.

Assistant ManagerAMP

 Constantin-Marius APOSTOAIE, PhD

Marius APOSTOAIE brings to the project the following:
1) a portfolio of multicultural and multinational teaching and learning techniques and methods gained through his experience in several important universities in Europe as well as at UAIC (where he teaches subjects like Banking Economics, Banking Products and Services Market or Banking Policies and Strategies);
2) an international and interdisciplinary high standard research know-how gained through his research activities in subjects like European Economics, European Integration, Banking etc;
3) a rich experience in project and team management gained through intensive training and seminars as well as voluntary activities (in organizing conferences).

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