You can find bellow the list of the T-EBU IP Courses and Work-shops that will be held.

Nr. Courses and Work-shops*
1. A critical appraisal of European Integration
2. Application of real option analysis for analyzing management and financial problems
3. Bonds Valuation. Yield and Volatility. Can Bond Yields Affect the Recovery in Global Banks’ Balance Sheets?
4. Case studies: French banks competing in Russia (1890-1918) and then in Romania (1920s-1930s)
5. Credit market in Europe
6. Credit Risk Analysis
7. Czech banks – subsidiaries vs. branch offices
8. Democracy as the key issue in EU integration: rethinking the institutional basis of the Lisbon treaty
9. ECB – still a judge or a player?
10. Europeanised Bankers
11. Financial and Commodity Market – a Mainstay of the Swiss Economy
12. From Basel 1 to Basel 2
13. From Lisbon agenda to Europe 2020: the main challenges of the EU’s strategy for research and innovation in the context of globalisation
14. Introduction to Financial Auditing
15. Is Germany successful? Reflection of Germany´s geopolitical interests in the EU
16. Market Research – Basic principles
17. Market Research – Some practical cases
18. Potential future risks of European Banking Union
19. Prudential regulation: the forthcoming Basel III
20. Tax havens and the offshore megatrend in the context of financial globalization
21. The Romanian banking system in the context of the recent developments in the prudential regulatory framework
22. What is a good banker? The management of the banking firm and risks management
  * Arranged alphabetically

You can find on the next page short descriptions of the T-EBU IP Courses and Work-shops and the names of the foreign and local experts holding them.

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