The program is hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEAA – marked with B on the map below) within the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași (UAIC Main Building marked with A on the map below). All participants will be considered part of the FEAA community and are afforded the same rights and privileges as regular students, so you will quickly feel integrated into the heart of the Faculty. The atmosphere around campus is friendly and interactive and you may develop friendships that will last well beyond the programme.

All the T-EBU IP courses will take place within the R Building of UAIC, 5th floor, R502 (Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration – 14th, Lăpuşneanu Street – marked with R on the map below) and the Conference Hall of the Akademos Hotel (6th, Păcurari Street – marked with K on the map below).


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