Matej Bel University (Slovakia)


Matej Bel University is making an important contribution to the European area of education and research (for which it is a part of), providing both high-quality university education as well as a wide spectrum of further education adequate to the needs of practical life. The University is developing new knowledge through productive scientific c and artistic research in order to form intelligent, moral, authentic, well rounded individuals and in this way creating a society of learning.

 Matej_Bel_University_logoMatej Bel University, which has proved to be a leader in the sphere of education in Central Slovak region, will be perceived as a strong national university of international importance in the year of 2013 due to its high quality of education, successful graduates on labor market, excellent international co-operation in particular areas of research and co-operation with practice as well as thanks to sports and artistic presentation to the public.

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