Institut D’etudes Politiques de Bordeaux (France)

Sciences Po Campus

Institut D’etudes Politiques de Bordeaux (Sciences Po Bordeaux) is one of nine Institutes of Political Studies in France. Created in 1948, it is firmly established on the Bordeaux university scene, not only by its institutional and geographical proximity to University Montesquieu – Bordeaux IV, but also by the pluridisciplinary, broad-based curriculum, which calls on numerous academics and researchers working in the different fields of political and social science.

One of the particularities of Institutes of Political Studies in France is that Political Science is not the only subject on the curriculum. There is a Doctoral School of Political Science at230px-Institut_d'études_politiques_de_Bordeaux_(logo).svg Sciences Po Bordeaux which forms future PhDs and researchers in the field and several important research centres in Political Science, recognised worldwide, are part of Sciences Po Bordeaux. However, there are also courses in Law, Economics, History, Geography, foreign languages and “Contemporary Issues”. As a result, students who follow the programme are well versed in the most important contemporary questions and develop an open and inquiring mind, all the more for having at their disposal two libraries with over 500,000 items, of which 120,000 works cover almost 7 kilometres of shelving.

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