This Erasmus Intensive Programme is built around the theme „Towards the European Banking Union. Historical, economic and legal perspectives on European Integration”. The aim of this event is to establish the opportunities and challenges of implementing the European Banking Union. In order for us to better understand the implications of this union, to establish the origins of this idea, we believe that a interdisciplinary approach (with economic, social, legal, historical and political reflections) on the European Banking System and European Union is a mandatory study. Therefore, the T-EBU team aims at bringing together teachers and students driven by the same scientific interests and passions related to banking into a common think-tank. The economic aspect will be thoroughly debated as it represents one of the key items of European Integration through its effect on trade and social welfare.

The recent crisis has proven that simple coordination of the banking systems is no longer enough – closer supervision and integration is now needed at EU level to avoid future banking crises, restore confidence in the financial system and protect savers. While banks have been operating increasingly across borders, oversight of their activities has remained national. A shared currency and close financial integration make the euro zone particularly vulnerable to banking crises spilling over from one EU country to another.

The solution, the European Commission believes, is greater supervision at EU level.

Our proposal of this Erasmus Intensive Programme puts up for debate the need for this banking union, its benefits, downsides and challenges in the effort to impose this programme.

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