Happy New Year!

Dear Professors,
Dear T-EBU IP Alumni,
Dear Friends,

We had a great and challenging year together! We successfully spend 10 wonderful days of May in Iasi, at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, debating, within 22 seminars and workshops, on topics of great interest related to the European Union and the European Banking Union. We also participated in study visits at the National Bank of Romania, Iasi Branch and at the Cotnari SA Company, for which we are deeply grateful to all who made it possible. The success of the project was recognized not only internally (within the faculty and the university) but also by the National Agency for Community Programs for Education and Professional Development, who decided to mention T-EBU IP as an example of good practices within its Journal (nr. 83, November 2014, p. 13 available here).

All of us, professors and students from Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland, felt like a real big family, proving the real value of a United Europe! We think this is the most important achievement of the passing year and we hope that with the upcoming one, year 2015, will bring all the people from any corner of the Europe in a big and friendly family! Nowadays, more than ever, we should understand the real meaning of the words spoken more than half a century ago by Jean Monnet: “We are not bringing together states, we are uniting people.”

We wish all of you a wonderful and challenging new year and hope to see you again in Iasi or maybe at your home universities!

Happy New Year!

Best Regards,
Dan Chirlesan,
Stanislav Percic,
Constantin Marius Apostoaie,
Dragos Gabriel Turliuc

T-EBU Project Management Team